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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I would prefer not to order online. Is there another way to order?
A: Yes, one can make a purchase through the mail by either cheque or money order. Order as  if ordering online, and upon checkout simply select pay by cheque: follow the prompts as to the cheque mailing address.  Make cheques payable to:  Red Rocket Enterprises, Inc. Only Green USPS International Money orders will be accepted. International non-US (Pink) Money Orders will be refused.


Q: How long until my order ships?
A: Your order will usually ship within 4 working days of our receipt of full payment (excluding backorders). If you do not receive an E-mail from us confirming the shipment of your order within 4 working days, please contact us at


Q: How can I track the status of my shipment?
A: Antenna Ball World will E-mail your shipping confirmation and tracking numbers when the products are shipped. This number can be used at to determine the status of a shipment. If one does not receive a tracking number they should contact us ( We will happily supply the needed information. Additionally one may wish to check the setting of their E-mail Spam Filter. Often such filters delete these tracking number emails. International orders do not receive tracking numbers. Antenna Ball World will send an email confirmation containing the time of shipment and the estimated delivery date.


Q: How do you handle international orders?
A: Orders under one pound, from outside the United States will be shipped First Class USPS mail, which normally takes 6-12 delivery days. If your International order is over 1 pound, you will be contacted via E-mail to make arrangements for additional shipping dollars and or carrier arrangements. An additional $5.00 handling fee may be added to International orders over 1 pound. Most antenna topper orders of up to 15 toppers are less than 1 pound. If you are in question of the weight of a large International order, please contact us. International orders do not receive tracking numbers. Instead you will be sent an email confirmation containing the time of shipment and the estimated delivery date.


Q: I sent an email but I have not heard back?
A: We endeavor to answer all emails within 24 hours of receipt of the message. Many users of America On Line and Earthlink use E-mail Spam Filters that can prevent return messages from online retailers. Check the junk email box for our replies and make adjustments to the setting of the email filter as appropriate.


Q: Do you have a print catalog?
A: We only provide the online catalog. We get new products in every week, and a print catalog would be outdated before it was even printed, plus this is more environmentally friendly and helps keep our prices low.


Q: Do you have a wholesale program?
A: If the product is offered wholesale the discount amounts will be found in the view item section just above the More Info section. The discount amount is per topper. The discount will automatically be applied when the discount quantity is added to the shopping cart.


Q: What are Danglers?
A: Danglers are antenna toppers with a string loop attached to the top. The loop allows the antenna topper to 'dangle' from a rear view mirror, backpack, etcetera. The dangler can be cut off or ignored according to preference. Check with local traffic laws before suspending any obstruction from a rearview mirror.


Q: What are Spring Stands?
A: A Buddies TM Spring Stand is a stand that you can put a topper on. It allows you to put a topper on a dashboard, computer top or anywhere. Some Buddies TM Spring Stands are included with your topper though usage of it is optional. Spring Stands are not for use on the exterior of a car.


Q: What are Carabiners?
A: Carabiners are spring loaded clips modeled after a piece of climbing gear with the same name. These clips hold other key rings securely but allow quick release and attachment. Carabiner key chains are not to be used for climbing or bearing heavy loads.


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